Here's Jim as a baby from XOD. Who would think that something this cute would grow up to be so evil.

Here's a pic from Dejection. It's a group pic with Stiletto being abnormally violent.

Here's one from Nanimoose. It's Jim somewhatlike Homestarr Runner.

Here's a group pic from Nanimoose. Strangely enough it has Stiletto talking to someone I had a alittle dispute with not too long ago

This ones from Surey Neko. The midnight theatre is a place you wanna be.

This is from Cave Deli before he started hating me.

Here's another pic from Nanimoose. It's got Powder, Stiletto and Fifi in a pot smoking orgy!

This cute pic here is from Leigh Anna. Stiletto is a boner baby!


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