You're probably looking at this page because you would like to commission the services of  Toon Pimp.
I take commissions for individual artwork (real and digital) and Flash animation.
If you would like to enlist my services send an email to me with what you would like drawn or animated, but before you do so please be aware of what I will and will not draw.
I will do:
Flash Cartoons and Artwork G - XXX.
Pretty much anything your wicked heart might desire.

I will NOT do:
Cartoons and/or Artwork that potray George Bush as being a good president.

Because I need to eat,
 here are some Prices:
Sketch = $10
Ink = $15
Colored w/ prismacolor pencils and markers = $20
Photoshop CG = $25
Oekaki = $10
Flash Animation = $40 and up depending on lenght and difficulty.
Artwork will cost slightly more for large sized canvases and  extra characters.

I  reserve the right to refuse to draw or animate anything  that I find too disturbing.
Well what are you waiting for?
Commission Toon Pimp!



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